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Festivity for the first day of the malgasy lunar year. Purification sessions, sacrifice of zebus and other animals,offerings, dances,songs, great feasts all together. Supplication for the blessing of the ancestors and God. This celebration takes place in Imerina. Malgasy space-time concept is related to the idea of destiny and this kind of philosophy governs their society and culture. Generally, the year lasts 354 days and is divided in 12 lunar months of 28 days each. For example, the first Alhamady of 1995 starts on 2 March and ends March 29. Therefore March 30 coincides with the following lunar month, called Adaoro. The malgasy weeks starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday. According to these obesrvations, the malgasy daily life is based on the stars and their relation to the moon.

Circumcision of male children: Opening of circumcision ceremonies the las throughout the austral winter. Highlands, that is to say in Antananarivo and Fiarantsoa. In the Malgasy tradition, every male child must be circumcised in order to gain his manhood. In the villages, when the suitable number of young people is reached, they decide to start the traditional ceremony. This usually takes place during the fresh and dry season, that is to say between June and September. Some collective cicumcision rites gather thousands of people, especially by Antambahoaka ( a group in the south-east) during the Sambatra Day.

Period of all celebrations and ceremonies, agricoltural beginnings,weddings, circumcisions, exhumation of the dead. Betsileo. Imoron’I Mania.

Exhumation of the dead in order to pay a tribute to ancestors, a ceremony led by Dame Raznaparany or Rareny. New shrouds, cleaning of the tomb of the king, sacrifice of zebus. Kirrioka. Mandiana.