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A peninsula at the end of the world. Anjajavy simply means “the place where grow jajavy “, small mangrovia shrubs.Anjajavy is also a small fishermen village you won’t miss the chance to discover if you venture an excursion. Actually, no road leads to Anjajavy.

In the heart of the Menabe Sakalava territory,only a few paths scarcely reported in the bush or in the forest, leading to the nearest city at a distance of 120 km from Majunga, “the city of flowers”.

The very marked originality in the region Anjajavy has many forms: its position of peninsula wide open on the Mozambique channel, the many creeks and beaches in its immediate surroundings and its spectacular position remindful of Ha Long Bay of Vietnam.

The famous “Tsingy” bordering the hotel, coral remains carved by millennial rain erosion, entangled with the roots of majestic baobabs. Unreality of the real ballet between mineral and vegetal.
The reserve, partly thick, partly open, with an infinite number of species, contains an extremely diversified fauna.
The hotel is located at the end of the peninsula, an exceptional position, with behind it, on its right side, the reserve, the “Tsingy” and the road to the marina and on its left side, the road creeks, and at the front, for the full width of the site, the beach and the ocean.

The hotel consists in a group of 25 beautiful rosewood villas facing the sea, with a four-stars classification according to European standards.The hotel has a boutique, a 200 m2 swimming-pool facing the ocean, satellite phone, satellite Tv, with the possibility to send e-mails and faxes.
Possibility to pay by VISA credit card or Traveller Cheques.