Nosy Iranja Lodge

Discovering Nosy Iranja, Turtle Island, located 27 miles South of Nosy Be.An enchanting lake, unique and extraordinary for its unequalled beauty.Nosy Iranja is composed of two small islands., Nosy Be and Nosy Iranja Hely ( the first is about 200 acres and the second about 300 acres) joined toghether by a small slice of white sand, accessible only during low tide, the image of the mother and his son, united by the umbilical cord.

Iranja Hely has a small hotel immersed in vegetation formed by several types of ferns and endemic plants. Nosy Iranja houses a small village set along the small beach on the east and protected by a coral reef. Its daily entertainment is punctuated by the comings and goings of fishermen and their boats.

From the village, a path well shaded leas to Iranja Be heights, where a lighthouse dating back to another era is definitely out of order.It doesn’t shine anymore but imposes its high, metallic silhouette. The original topography of Nosy Iranja also attracts sea turtles that come at night to lay their eggs on beaches.

The Lodge is a complex of 25 bungalows and private suites carried out mainly in precious wood and special materials in the heart of a vast tropical garden.It offers comfort, freshness and intimacy, oceanfront.