“What is rare is expensive and Madagascar is unique..”

Visiting Madagascar in likely to remain undoubtely a unique experience. African countries, certainly, but with a degree of endemicity as any other country. Flora and fauna unique in the world, breathtaking sceneries, fascinating animals such as lemurs or the wonderful whales Megaptera. The wild islands and their beaches protected by coral reefs sometimes form a natural pool of crytal clear sea.

The presence of 18 races implies a great respect and it contributes to integrate the idea of “country”. The advice of a good travel agent are vital to better organise your holiday.

Perhaps this is not a destination for everyone . It requires some adaptability and a good degree of tolerance to accept unexpected delays sometimes due to deficiencies in the country.

The services providers selected by our Travel Agency such as hotels, restaurants , ailines and so on, are carefully selected after several years of collaboration. Nevertheless, we must point out that sometimes you cannot compare these services to those of other tourist destinations.